• Duped

    DUPED! was an installation containing a series of interrelated doubles.There was a painting of where paintings were. A real plant and a plastic copy of the plant. An animatronic version of the artist and a video of the real artist. And a photograph of a set of paintings . DUPED! was presented as my MFA thesis exhibition at Cornell University in 2002. The entire wall is a painting of where paintings used to hang. It is a painting of ‘no paintings’. One of the plants is real, the other is a plastic copy of the real plant. The sculpture and the video are the same size and height, both facing each other. The sculpture of the artist is animated, performing the same gesture as the artist does in the video. The are both copying each other. The photograph is of the wall, but this time, the paintings are in place on the wall.The paintings are of the things in the room (the plants, the sculpture and the TV that the video is played on) from above.The pedestals that the objects are on, are the same size and dimension as the canvases of the paintings.